Rapid Protect adds driver safety mobile applications to its portfolio to protect drivers from over speeding or texting while driving.

RapidProtect, a company focused on the development of mobile applications for family safety and security, has added two new apps: SpeedApp and SpeedControl to its portfolio. These applications are currently available on Blackberry with iPhone, Android and J2ME versions to be released shortly.

Princeton Jct, NJ, Nov 30, 2011 The use of a cell phone can be a major distraction while driving. Research has shown that countless accidents could have been avoided if the driver was not distracted while driving. There is way to enforce the rules now. Rapid Protect, a developer of a mobile safety application suite has added two new mobile applications to its portfolio. These applications are called SpeedApp and SpeedControl. The applications are currently available in the Blackberry market place. The availability of Android, iPhone and J2ME versions of the same will be announced soon.

The applications are aimed to promote driver safety by reducing accidents caused by distracted driving on the road. SpeedApp currently available on GPS enabled Blackberry devices is designed for those who want to support the life safety of a driver. The driver may be your friend, family member or a subordinate. SpeedApp locks the phone if a user exceeds a specified lower speed limit. SpeedApp will send a SMS to the parent or supervisor’s phone number configured in application setting if a user exceeds the specified upper speed limit for a specified duration. SpeedControl enhances the functionality of SpeedApp. It will auto-reply to incoming text messages when a user is driving.

Distracted driving and use of mobile phones by drivers has caught attention of lawmakers. Governments around the world are putting restrictions on the use of cellular phones while driving. They are trying to spread general awareness regarding hands free technologies promoting safe driving. Several countries around the world have made it illegal to use a cellular phone while driving. Research has shown that taking off hands from the wheels leads to accidents. Rapidprotect apps are meant to enforce compliance. The company plans to white label these apps for transport companies and government agencies.

RapidProtect provides tools to protect your family and enable other location based services. Besides driver safety applications, the company offers, RapidProtect, mobile application for family members to track each other’s locations and pass necessary safety messages to one another. In addition, the company will be adding a number of patent pending unique services to its applications soon. The application aims to facilitate parents in keeping track of their children’s location and ensure their safety. It lets parents in the US check the location of sex offenders in their neighborhood. These tools are geared for a family to remain connected with one another in the case of emergency.

The application was developed by mobile application development team of Rapidsoft Systems, a leading developer of mobile and web applications. Commenting on the development, Mr. Gurbinder Mavi, VP of Sales and Marketing for Rapidsoft Systems said, ” Research has shown that taking off hands from the wheels leads to accidents. A cell phone is a big distraction both for new and experienced drivers. I am confident that parents and companies both will find it a very useful application to protect their drivers from possible accidents. ”

SpeedUp is available at https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/61443?lang=e, and SpeedControl can be downloaded from https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/62285.

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A RapidProtect (http://www.rapidprotect.net) is a developer and publisher of mobile applications for family safety. It operates out of offices in the NJ and CA in the USA.

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