Web Design Questions That Help Design a Good Site

Rapidsoft Systems has great expertise in the Web development. We have been developing web applications for nearly 20 years now. However, to help new customers here is helpful questions that will help plan better web presence for them. Here is our advise to all web designers that they need to follow at Rapidsoft Systems.

Every time you take on a new client itÂ’s always helpful to try to get all the necessary information you need up front. This will ensure your website design and development process goes as smoothly as possible. While it may seem cumbersome at first, you will more than make it up by preventing time lost going back-and-forth trying to get information.

You always want to get a general understanding of the scope of the project. This will help you layout your project milestones and create a more accurate time line. Always give yourself more time than you think you will need because almost always you will encounter some slippage.

Initial Client Questions

These initial questions are intended to provide the high level project overview and create a general scope of the pro

  1. New Client Signed August 2, 2010
  2. Domain Name:
  3. Creating New Site or Redesign?
  4. Platform:
  5. Database:
  6. E-Commerce?
  7. E-Commerce Payment Gateway Provider:
  8. Number of Pages:
  9. Timeline to Launch:
  10. Hosting Where?
  11. Hosting requirements:
  12. Email requirements:
  13. Number of products?
  14. Blog included on website?
  15. Social Networks to Integrate?
  16. Videos on site?
  17. Photo gallery or any other media on site?
  18. Music player on site?
  19. Forum or Membership capabilities?
  20. Customized Web Applications?

Website Design

  1. Do you have any design preference?
  2. What are some websites that you like the design of?
  3. Do you have any images that we can work with?
  4. What are some color schemes you like?
  5. What type of fonts do you like?
  6. Liquid/Fluid Design, 960 Grid or Other Layout?
  7. 2 column, 3 column layout?

Website Development Process

  1. Development languages used?
  2. Third party plugins or APIs?
  3. Custom animations or integrations?
  4. Any web services or applications?
  5. Any existing code in place?

Search Engine Optimization Questions

  1. Any existing content available?
  2. Budget for back link acquisition campaigns?
  3. Preferred target keyword?
  4. Current established page ranks?
  5. Current number of back links
  6. Current Traffic per 30-days
  7. Top Referrers
  8. Current Bounce Rate
  9. Have you ever been penalized or banned from any search engine?
  10. Age of domain
  11. Registered until?
  12. Is the domain on a shared IP?
  13. Do you want to utilize a CDN (Content Delivery NetworkWEb Design, Ecommerce Site, Web Commerce Developer, Best Web Design Company

Keep the List Alive

Please feel free to use the comment area below to add you questions to the list. I will update this list regularly as much as I can. Hopefully you enjoyed this resource and be sure to come back and check for more updates!