Rapidsoft Systems Collaborates With A Major Advertisement Company In Developing an Innovative Real Time Data Analytic Platform

Rapidsoft Systems team develops an innovative software platform for a major New York based advertising company. The platform lets user quickly identify developing trends.

Rapidsoft Systems, a major software development and outsourced IT services company, recently achieved a major milestone by delivering a unique custom data analytic platform to its client. The team collaborated with the client’s internal engineering team based in New York in designing a unique analytic platform for analyzing large data in real time.

Commenting on this development, Dr. Brijesh Kumar, COO, Rapidsoft Systems said, “Our ability to take customer’s preliminary ideas and translate them into real useful products is far ahead of any other IT outsourcing company. We are not just a software development company, but a company that believes in creating real intellectual value for our customers. Our aim is to help our customers succeed. This experience brings them back to us.”

The software developed by Rapidsoft Systems’ team lets company analyze thousands of consumer interactions between consumers and the advertisements placed at different locations all over the country. The system analyzes the transactions using various parameters such as location, type of mobile phones, browser types used, product types viewed etc. This gives a better picture to the advertisers as they can easily see how a consumer is interacting with a particular advertisement.

Mobile Analytics is a potent tool in the hands of a skilled marketer. Mobile Analytics Platforms differ in terms of capabilities. According to Brijesh Kumar, Ph.D. , COO of Rapidsoft Systems, ideal analytics solutions will encompass the following:

  • Real-time data collection
  • Identify effective promotional activities
  • Understand customer preferences with respect to specific features on the site.
  • Measure app usage
  • Maximum collection of data

For years, companies have pushed page views as a primary measure of success. Page view counts are popular because they are easy to report, but ultimately cannot tell you how engaged your visitors are. Analytic software developed by us lets company measure what customers do in their app by reporting actions, not page views.

A good analytic tool provides a simple way to answer complex questions. Working with data often means writing SQL queries and plotting that data in various formats. This is great for engineers but hard or impossible for everyone else to understand. Rapidsoft’s software simplifies data queries by visualizing the questions that an advertiser wants to ask. With the dashboard designed by its team, analyzing data and looking significant trends is as easy as writing an email or watching a well written presentation.

Businesses are faced with two conundrums which seem difficult to crack – predicting customer behavior and assessing the impact of promotional activities. These are the two variables that could make a big difference in the way companies conduct their online business. How do people go about this imposing task?

The solutions are Mobile Analytics and Web Analytics. Since measuring a mobile site with the same techniques as those employed in web analytics, won’t work properly due to the specific features of the mobile device and platforms. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, business intelligence has expanded to mobile devices. This is where Rapidsoft Systems’ past knowledge in developing mobile application proved critical.