Rapidsoft Systems Releases a Cloud Player for Blackberry

Rapidsoft Systems Inc., a leading product and software development company announces the availability of Cloud Player on Blackberry App World. This application converts Blackberry into a powerful music enabled device that lets users enjoy their personal music libraries on the go. The Cloud Player application based on a cloud service, which means that the user can carry as much music as he wants without any restrictions on device memory. It is currently available on Blackberry, with an Android version planned for an August/ September release. The Cloud Player app can be downloaded from Blackberry App World or by visiting the following URL : http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/reviews/50242?lang=en

The Blackberry smart phone is known for its secure mailing features with millions of users using it to check their emails and for other business needs. While Blackberry excels in delivering email wherever a user is, delivering music wasn’t its known trait. That was until now. The Cloud Player changes that and enables users to “place shift” their music. In other words, even if a user had all the music that he wanted to listen to on his home computer , it wasn’t available to him on his mobile device without the tiresome process of frequently copying songs to his phone. The Cloud Player uses patent pending technology to deliver songs to the user on his or her mobile devices. Some of the best reasons to get a Cloud Player from CloudPlayer.me are:

  • It’s totally free
  • Your music is available on any mobile or internet enabled device
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Patent Pending Technology provides the fastest upload speeds of any cloud music service
  • Share and browse your friends’ music collections!

Mr. Adam Raymond, CEO of Cloud Player LLC. (www.CloudPlayer.me), was the main force in conceptualizing the application. Commenting on the background of the application, he said, ” It used to be frustrating and inconvenient to listen to your music from different devices. Aside from having to carry something extra around, if you forgot your MP3 player at home you had no way to play your music. Cloud Player removes that frustration. The Cloud Player app is new and has a lot of exciting new features under development. We plan to continue working with Rapidsoft Systems to bring you the best cloud music experience available”

Commenting on the launch of the Cloud Player for Blackberry, Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Ph.D., COO, Rapidsoft Systems Said, “Though we have been working on Mobile applications for many years, I am particularly impressed with the Cloud Player application. It is an elegant and simple to use media player that every one can use in the daily life. We want to listen to music that we have at home since it reflects our tastes. There are no comparable applications that provide the flexibility of unlimited storage to store all your music and be able to play it anywhere. It is a must have application for true music lovers.”

Rapidsoft Systems is a corporate level approved developer for iPhone applications with Apple, and is member of Blackberry Development Alliance with Research in Motion (RIM). Rapidsoft Systems, Inc works closely with NSTL for CDMA Brew Application in arranging True Brew Testing (TBT) certifications. Rapidsoft Systems, Inc has proven experience and skills in whole Brew application development and distribution cycle.

 Blackberry Music Player  Blackberry Music Player
 Blackberry Music Player  Blackberry Music Player

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