Rapidsoft Systems Ties Up with a Major VoIP Operator for Mobile SIP Dialers

A major US VoIP operator selects Rapidsoft Systems’ Mobile SIP Dialers to launch a new VoIP service.
Rapidsoft Systems, a leading developer of Mobile VoIP and other advanced technology solutions, announced that it has teamed up with a major US based VoIP operator. The VoIP operator will be using Rapidsoft Systems’ rDialers to launch its VoIP Services. The dialers will be rebranded to promote the operator’s low cost domestic and international call services.

“Rapidsoft Systems’s SIP dialers have emerged a perfect choice for many new VoIP providers.” explained Brijesh Kumar, Ph.D. COO of Rapidsoft Systems. “Our rDialer SIP softphones have many key features such as echo cancellation, choice of multiple codecs and attractive design that our consumers like. We are confident that our dialers are just what our customers are looking for in consumer softphone applications,” Dr. Kumar added.


For many VoIP users, configuring SIP settings on the phone can be a very difficult process. Therefore, rDialers are preconfigured for each operator to make it user friendly. A user can simply download the dialer software from the app market and then use it without the need to make any configuration changes. The dialer software is able to show a user’s credit balance and other accounting information during the call.

Rapidsoft dialers have a nicely laid out user interface and clear indication of server registration, but with ¬advanced features such as multiple SIP accounts or call recording support. The Android dialer even support¬¬¬s a call recording feature.

The company offers several white labeled VoIP products for the VoIP operators and subscribers. Rapidsoft Systems is a pioneer in developing VoIP solutions such as SIP dialers, Call Back dialers and Call through Dialers. It has been involved in the development of SIP Solutions for over 10 years. With continuous development and commitment to VoIP technologies, it strengthens its position in this important segment.

Most operators will like to use SIP based VoIP dialers, if possible. However, an alternative way of making cheap international calls, if internet connection is not available, is to dial through access numbers (DISA). The mobile client automatically connects to the predefined access number and passes the user’s PIN and then the destination number. The mobile client chooses this method when the internet connection to the server is unavailable.

The callback service is initiated by the mobile client by sending an http request to the server. In response, the server dials the user’s phone number and once the connection is established, it dials the destination number. Both the destination and the source number are sent over to the server. This service is very useful when there is no access number in the current location of the user, for example when he/she is abroad and the fees for internet connection are expensive. Users can easily choose their preferred connection type.

The company has recently made consumer versions of these products in the mobile app market places. Rapidsoft Systems offers white labeled rDialer for VOIP operators. The rDialers are integrated with their network and the VoIP systems for balance updates, credit updates, etc. More information is available at http://www.rapidsofttelecom.com.

Zeus MobiTix A Mobile Ticketing System By Rapidsoft Systems

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. Launches Zeus MobiTix Online Mobile Ticketing Plaform for Box-Office and Event Management.

Rapidsoft Systems, a leading developer of Mobile VoIP and other advanced technology solutions, announced that it has launched Zeus MobiTix a online ticketing system in the US. The system has been available outside the United States for the Several years.

ZeusMobiTix[TM] is a Mobile Ticketing System for box office and event ticket management. It allows events to be added, venues to be defined with seat allocation and venue layouts.

The system supports multiple layouts of the tickets that can be customized for each event or box office. The tickets can be printed at the box office or by the users by making online payment using credit card or other modes of payment.

ZeusMobiTix[TM] ticketing platform is fully integrated with mobile applications. The tickets can be delivered via mobile and also purchased using mobile devices. Different budgeting option allows users to choose the options needed by them.

It supports both smart phones and non-smart phones for ticket delivery. Integration of mobile ticketing functionality is optional, you are not required to use it.

The solution is intended for the distribution and administration of tickets to diverse industries such as Cinemas, Theatres, Concerts, Sports, Celebrations, Transport, Buses, Rails etc.

Tickets can be delivered to mobile phones and purchased from mobile phones (smart phones).

Zeus Mobitix software is a complete point-of-sale system that enables your staff to sell tickets to your events, monitor sales activity, and produce detailed reports. And because it’s a web-based system (we’re in the cloud, we’re software-as-a-service), it doesn’t require complex network configuration or onsite servers. It allows you an unlimited number of users and computers.

Set it up on as many computers as you’d like (including remote outlets such as kiosks), each will be connected to share information and process orders. Attach any of our optional accessories to further complete your kiosk.

Rapidsoft Systems Releases a Cloud Player for Blackberry

Rapidsoft Systems Inc., a leading product and software development company announces the availability of Cloud Player on Blackberry App World. This application converts Blackberry into a powerful music enabled device that lets users enjoy their personal music libraries on the go. The Cloud Player application based on a cloud service, which means that the user can carry as much music as he wants without any restrictions on device memory. It is currently available on Blackberry, with an Android version planned for an August/ September release. The Cloud Player app can be downloaded from Blackberry App World or by visiting the following URL : http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/reviews/50242?lang=en

The Blackberry smart phone is known for its secure mailing features with millions of users using it to check their emails and for other business needs. While Blackberry excels in delivering email wherever a user is, delivering music wasn’t its known trait. That was until now. The Cloud Player changes that and enables users to “place shift” their music. In other words, even if a user had all the music that he wanted to listen to on his home computer , it wasn’t available to him on his mobile device without the tiresome process of frequently copying songs to his phone. The Cloud Player uses patent pending technology to deliver songs to the user on his or her mobile devices. Some of the best reasons to get a Cloud Player from CloudPlayer.me are:

  • It’s totally free
  • Your music is available on any mobile or internet enabled device
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Patent Pending Technology provides the fastest upload speeds of any cloud music service
  • Share and browse your friends’ music collections!

Mr. Adam Raymond, CEO of Cloud Player LLC. (www.CloudPlayer.me), was the main force in conceptualizing the application. Commenting on the background of the application, he said, ” It used to be frustrating and inconvenient to listen to your music from different devices. Aside from having to carry something extra around, if you forgot your MP3 player at home you had no way to play your music. Cloud Player removes that frustration. The Cloud Player app is new and has a lot of exciting new features under development. We plan to continue working with Rapidsoft Systems to bring you the best cloud music experience available”

Commenting on the launch of the Cloud Player for Blackberry, Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Ph.D., COO, Rapidsoft Systems Said, “Though we have been working on Mobile applications for many years, I am particularly impressed with the Cloud Player application. It is an elegant and simple to use media player that every one can use in the daily life. We want to listen to music that we have at home since it reflects our tastes. There are no comparable applications that provide the flexibility of unlimited storage to store all your music and be able to play it anywhere. It is a must have application for true music lovers.”

Rapidsoft Systems is a corporate level approved developer for iPhone applications with Apple, and is member of Blackberry Development Alliance with Research in Motion (RIM). Rapidsoft Systems, Inc works closely with NSTL for CDMA Brew Application in arranging True Brew Testing (TBT) certifications. Rapidsoft Systems, Inc has proven experience and skills in whole Brew application development and distribution cycle.

 Blackberry Music Player  Blackberry Music Player
 Blackberry Music Player  Blackberry Music Player

Blackberry Music Player Screenshots

Making your Family secure by just an Mobile App.

To know where is your family members. Rapid protect is best useful mobile application to Track your family members and locate them on map. The mobile application will let you know about your family member is living at safe place. The application allows parents to know where family members are located with real-time GPS, what safety resources are around them using local safety data, and when anyone is safe or needs help through an emergency alert system. The application is currently available on iPhone with Android, Blackberry, Brew and J2ME applications to be released shortly.

Many families rely on Rapid Protect application to help them stay connected to their children or elderly family members wherever they go. Moreover, there are many features available in this application which helps parents to get a better sense of their children’s whereabouts when they’re away. The application is designed as a safety centre helping to provide even more ways for parents to get information on keeping their families safe. Users, in the US, can search the areas surrounding specific addresses such as their homes or children’s schools and view sex offender’s residing in the neighborhood. They can get details such as photograph, descriptions and conviction details and give alerts to their family members through emergency call, sms or email.

Check out award winning mobile applications for Personal and Corporate use. Whether you are an individual or a business, we have an application to meet your needs of security, safety and collaboration to achieve higher productivity. Rapid Protect, Rapid Tracker and Safe Drive Apps are designed for the protection of family and securely sharing information. Business applications are designed for workforce management, safety, security and productivity enhancements.

The key features of the applications are:

* Track your family members and locate them on map
* To let you know about your family member is living at safe place
* Find Sex Offender in your nearby area with various searching options
* Send alert with sex offender person details through email to any phonebook contact’s address at their nearby area
* Weather forecast details on a click for your current location
* Send Safety Alerts to your added family members
* Send Emergency Alerts on a click to your emergency contact

Now available with latest new features:

What’s New in Version 2.1

-Secure chat: Application user can communicate to any Gtalk user with secured chat option.
-CheckIn with Image: Application user can now able to checkIn location with image.
-Share checkin on Facebook, SMS and Email to your family and friends.
-My Vault- Your photo bucket to upload your photos and easy access of pictures at any point of time.
– Share your uploaded pictures to family member and friends through Facebook and Email.
– Geo Point mobile support is now available with this latest version; Application user will be notified when his/her family member has reached safely to the destination [set Geo Point].

On the lookout for Family Safety? Check with Rapid Protect at www.rapidprotect.net.
iPhone app link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rapidprotect/id469362789?mt=8
Android app link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rapidsoft.rapidprotect