Zeus MobiTix A Mobile Ticketing System By Rapidsoft Systems

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. Launches Zeus MobiTix Online Mobile Ticketing Plaform for Box-Office and Event Management.

Rapidsoft Systems, a leading developer of Mobile VoIP and other advanced technology solutions, announced that it has launched Zeus MobiTix a online ticketing system in the US. The system has been available outside the United States for the Several years.

ZeusMobiTix[TM] is a Mobile Ticketing System for box office and event ticket management. It allows events to be added, venues to be defined with seat allocation and venue layouts.

The system supports multiple layouts of the tickets that can be customized for each event or box office. The tickets can be printed at the box office or by the users by making online payment using credit card or other modes of payment.

ZeusMobiTix[TM] ticketing platform is fully integrated with mobile applications. The tickets can be delivered via mobile and also purchased using mobile devices. Different budgeting option allows users to choose the options needed by them.

It supports both smart phones and non-smart phones for ticket delivery. Integration of mobile ticketing functionality is optional, you are not required to use it.

The solution is intended for the distribution and administration of tickets to diverse industries such as Cinemas, Theatres, Concerts, Sports, Celebrations, Transport, Buses, Rails etc.

Tickets can be delivered to mobile phones and purchased from mobile phones (smart phones).

Zeus Mobitix software is a complete point-of-sale system that enables your staff to sell tickets to your events, monitor sales activity, and produce detailed reports. And because it’s a web-based system (we’re in the cloud, we’re software-as-a-service), it doesn’t require complex network configuration or onsite servers. It allows you an unlimited number of users and computers.

Set it up on as many computers as you’d like (including remote outlets such as kiosks), each will be connected to share information and process orders. Attach any of our optional accessories to further complete your kiosk.