Rapidsoft Systems Ties Up with a Major VoIP Operator for Mobile SIP Dialers

A major US VoIP operator selects Rapidsoft Systems’ Mobile SIP Dialers to launch a new VoIP service.
Rapidsoft Systems, a leading developer of Mobile VoIP and other advanced technology solutions, announced that it has teamed up with a major US based VoIP operator. The VoIP operator will be using Rapidsoft Systems’ rDialers to launch its VoIP Services. The dialers will be rebranded to promote the operator’s low cost domestic and international call services.

“Rapidsoft Systems’s SIP dialers have emerged a perfect choice for many new VoIP providers.” explained Brijesh Kumar, Ph.D. COO of Rapidsoft Systems. “Our rDialer SIP softphones have many key features such as echo cancellation, choice of multiple codecs and attractive design that our consumers like. We are confident that our dialers are just what our customers are looking for in consumer softphone applications,” Dr. Kumar added.


For many VoIP users, configuring SIP settings on the phone can be a very difficult process. Therefore, rDialers are preconfigured for each operator to make it user friendly. A user can simply download the dialer software from the app market and then use it without the need to make any configuration changes. The dialer software is able to show a user’s credit balance and other accounting information during the call.

Rapidsoft dialers have a nicely laid out user interface and clear indication of server registration, but with ¬advanced features such as multiple SIP accounts or call recording support. The Android dialer even support¬¬¬s a call recording feature.

The company offers several white labeled VoIP products for the VoIP operators and subscribers. Rapidsoft Systems is a pioneer in developing VoIP solutions such as SIP dialers, Call Back dialers and Call through Dialers. It has been involved in the development of SIP Solutions for over 10 years. With continuous development and commitment to VoIP technologies, it strengthens its position in this important segment.

Most operators will like to use SIP based VoIP dialers, if possible. However, an alternative way of making cheap international calls, if internet connection is not available, is to dial through access numbers (DISA). The mobile client automatically connects to the predefined access number and passes the user’s PIN and then the destination number. The mobile client chooses this method when the internet connection to the server is unavailable.

The callback service is initiated by the mobile client by sending an http request to the server. In response, the server dials the user’s phone number and once the connection is established, it dials the destination number. Both the destination and the source number are sent over to the server. This service is very useful when there is no access number in the current location of the user, for example when he/she is abroad and the fees for internet connection are expensive. Users can easily choose their preferred connection type.

The company has recently made consumer versions of these products in the mobile app market places. Rapidsoft Systems offers white labeled rDialer for VOIP operators. The rDialers are integrated with their network and the VoIP systems for balance updates, credit updates, etc. More information is available at http://www.rapidsofttelecom.com.